Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Marissa Simone Menopause and Anxiety Coaching

What is a menopause and anxiety coach and how can it benefit me?

A Menopause and Anxiety Coach helps women navigate the physical and emotional challenges of menopause, manage anxiety symptoms and develop health habits for long term wellbeing.

What’s the difference between a Menopause and Anxiety Loss Coach and a Counsellor?

Counsellors help their clients work through and resolve past issues, whereas coaches work with clients on their current obstacles and challenges. A coach will guide clients towards results-oriented action, to move from being stuck in their lives to feeling empowered and liberated.

How do I know who is the right menopause and anxiety coach for me?

Firstly, read about the coaches' story. Can you relate to any of that? Did you find yourself saying, “That sounds like me?” If you feel like you would like to know a little more about me, or what health coaching is all about we can have a discovery session and I can answer your questions, then you can decide if I’m the right coach for you.

What Benefits Can A menopause & anxiety Coach Bring Bring Me?

My average client benefits from not just from support and guidance to help navigate the challenges of midlife and menopause, but new positive habits to help with overall mental and physical health including stress, sleep, loss of libido, brain fog and lack of energy.

Through a tailor made and truly individual coaching approach using a blend of well-established, highly effective evidence-based professional coaching methods such as positive psychology, emotional intelligence and stress management, I treat my clients as a whole person and work with them to identify and resolve any of thoughts and beliefs that may be contributing to the problems they are facing.

With a coach by your side, you'll have a dedicated partner who can help you set goals, stay accountable, and make meaningful progress towards your health and wellness Coaching can also help you build confidence and self-esteem, as you learn to embrace your body and rediscover your inner strength and resilience.

By working with a menopause and anxiety coach, you'll have access to the latest research, tools, and resources to support your journey towards optimal health and wellness.

What's the difference between general guidance and my personalised programme?

While general menopause guidance can be helpful, it often takes a one-size-fits-all approach that may not be tailored to your unique needs, preferences, and circumstances.

With my personalised coaching programs, I take a holistic approach to your health and wellness, considering factors such as your lifestyle, stress levels, and individual goals.

This allows me to create a customised plan that is designed to help you achieve optimal results and long-term success.

How long is each coaching session with Marissa Simone?

Your coaching sessions will be between 30 and 60 minutes in duration, depending on your course.  See our full schedule here - Programmes

Are all the sessions in person or can we talk over the phone?

We can meet in person at my clinic in Beckenham or via Zoom.