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Welcome! I’m thrilled to have you here. I’m Marissa, a passionate advocate for women’s health, specialising in supporting women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who are navigating the transformative journey of menopause and struggling with anxiety.

20 years ago I felt I had completely lost my way. I was overwhelmed with anxiety, extremely overweight and almost completely unable to function. I was placed on very strong medication and struggled to think clearly and look after my young family. I desperately wanted to feel vibrant and energetic again and to clear my head of the fogginess I constantly felt. I knew that if I really wanted to move forwards that I would need to find my own solutions to achieve better health.

I set out on a journey to improve my well-being and spent my days exploring how diet, sleep, meditation, and self-compassion could help me regain and even surpass my previous state of health. Surprisingly, I not only achieved this goal but went way beyond it. Now, I’m the happiest, healthiest, and strongest version of myself. I’m no longer dependent on medication, and I don’t deny myself any pleasures. I absolutely love my life, and I want the same for you—a life filled with good health and happiness.

As a qualified Health Coach, Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach, Craniosacral Therapist, 3rd Age Woman and a full member of the British Menopause Society, I am committed to helping you navigate menopause and anxiety with compassion and evidence-based strategies. I provide a safe space for open conversations, where you can freely express your concerns, fears, and aspirations without judgment.

Together, we will explore a holistic approach to managing menopause and anxiety, focusing on various aspects of your well-being. I believe in the power of integrative strategies that encompass lifestyle adjustments, nutrition, self-care practices, stress reduction techniques, and more. By addressing the underlying causes and nurturing your overall well-being, we can work towards alleviating symptoms and empowering you to embrace this transformative phase with confidence and grace.

I am here to guide and empower you with practical tools and strategies to navigate the ups and downs of menopause, reduce anxiety, and rediscover your inner strength and resilience. We will explore personalised approaches to optimise your well-being, promote mental clarity, and enhance your quality of life.

Thanks for being here in this community. I’m excited to connect with you and be there for you as you navigate this transformative phase of your life, seeking that perfect mix of balance, joy, and inner peace.



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Free Discovery Session

Are you ready to take the first step towards a happier, healthier you? Book a free discovery session with me today. During our 30-minute call, we'll get to know each other and discuss your unique needs and goals. I'll explain my coaching approach and answer any questions you may have about working with me. By the end of our call, you'll have a clear understanding of how coaching can benefit you and whether we're a good fit.

Duration: 30 Minutes  Complimentary


Individual Session

Following your discovery session, you will have the option to book single sessions. Sessions are tailored to your unique needs and will allow you do begin to develop strategies for managing symptoms, reducing stress and anxiety and improving your overall wellbeing. Whether you need help navigating hormonal changes or dealing with emotional issues, I’m here to provide you with the tools and support you need.

Duration 60 minutes

Cost: £90

90 Minute Menopause Mastery Session

The 90 Minute Menopause Mastery Session is designed as a brief introduction to the practical tools and strategies you need for managing menopause and anxiety. You’ll walk away with a better understanding go the physical and emotional changes associated with the menopause as well as practical strategies to manage your symptoms. Book you Menopause Mastery Session today to take your first step toward feeling your best!

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: £135

6 Week Programme

My flagship 6 week programme, will provide you with a toolbox of simple strategies to help you to manage the physical and emotional challenges of menopause and anxiety.  You will learn how to create new habits to improve all areas of your health including diet, stress, sleep and anxiety.  We will look at your most pressing issues and provide you a tailored program to ease your symptoms and gain a newfound sense of wellbeing.

6 X 60 minutes

Cost: £495

12 Week Programme

The 12-Week Menopause Mastery Program is an extended coaching program designed to help you achieve long-term success in managing the physical and emotional challenges of menopause and anxiety. This program is ideal for women who are looking for comprehensive support and guidance as they navigate the challenges of menopause and anxiety.

12 x 60 minutes

Cost: £895

Marissa came highly recommended to me and she has completely transformed my life.  Her kind, gentle and caring approach made me realise that the vicious cycle I found myself in wasn’t my fault and her with her calm and above all caring manner, she helped me find my self worth and confidence again!  My anxiety has reduced and she has given me the tools to help me live with and manage my anxiety.  As an additional bonus, I have dropped 10 dress sizes!”